Wednesday, July 15, 2015

That very last lap for Ramadhan 1436H

While some of us are having our beauty sleep, some are still out working, some are out there doing stuff and a small fraction are making their way to the mosques for qiyam or performing qiyam at the comfort of their homes.

So what are we doing this morning? Is it worth while? Have we thank our creator for the life HE loan us? Are we thankful that we are breathing now? Walking? Thinking? Moving? How are we thankful? What are we doing to be thankful? Or it's just a lip service. 

Be thankful. Make it worthwhile. We won't be here forever. Will we get to meet the next Ramadhan? Look around. You see familiar faces but some you no longer see them. 

That last lap made me think so much. My heart aches knowing that this is my 2nd last qiyam for 2015 Ramadhan and last tarawih before you know it Ramadhan will leave to make way for Syawal. 

So how am I performing? As much as I want to achieve more there's only so much I can do. I regret not doing more with my time. Be more focus. Perform my fardu, sunat and qada' with sincerity. 

Making lots and lots of duas hoping Allah hears it. It's the month where all sincere duas will be answered. I'm hopeful. 

I pray for health, strength and patience. May he protects my soulmate, my mother, my brothers, my in-laws & my friends. May HE bless them with health and strength to do ibadah. Amiin.

I apologize if what I wrote hurt the readers emotionally. That is not my intention. My intention is to write how I feel and for me to reflect on myself and what I promise myself to do. 

I seek forgiveness if my words said otherwise. May Allah bless you. Amiin

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