Monday, July 6, 2015

Roti John Serunding Cheese

Do I look like I'm that creative? No. I got this idea from my mom and my mom got this idea from her besan.  Interesting and hilarious.  It just tickled me as the main ingredient is serunding. This is when you are lazy to prepare the meat lah kan.

And surprisingly the mister oso like it.  I tweak abit the recipe cos my mom did not put mayo in hers.  I put cos I want the serunding to stick on the bread.  Sooo clever alahai... 

Roti John Serunding Cheese ala Mystyle

Bread (can be any bread, square, loaf, bun)
Mayo (optional)
Cheese (I used mozzarella)
Serunding (meat, chicken, fish, plain)

I used hotdog bun.  I cut it on the side not all the way thru.  
Spread mayo thinly and sprinkle generous amount of serunding on it.
Heat a non-stick pan.  whisked egg and pour it in the pan not too much enuf to cover 2 buns.
Put the bun on the egg with the serunding facing down.
Once the egg is cook flip it.
Add mozzarella cheese onto it and fold the bun into half.
Let it be in the pan for a while just for the mozzarella cheese to melt.
Can serve it just like that or cut into half.

I brought this stack of Roti John Serunding Cheese to my BIL's place across the road.  It was a hit with the kids. A nice and simple dish to prepare.

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