Monday, July 27, 2015

Kachang Phool or Foul Medamez

This is my ibu's recipe.  I try to put the quantity but this is agak-agak hor.  If you like but more don't like don't put lor.  Don't stress! Don't stress!
It's a very last minute menu as my sister in law is coming to visit after magrib.  Since ibu provide me some of the ingredients and others can be found in my fridge oklah. This is not my first time cooking kachang phool but this is the 1st using ibu recipe.  Much lesser ingredients.  Fast and easy but hate the splatter-splatter it made when boiling.  I burnt my left palm. -_-'' pandai sangat tu namenye.

Kacang Phool 

3 cans Foul Medames (supplier ibu)
2 tbsp powder coriander seeds
1/2 tsp powder fennel seeds
1/2 tsp powder cumin seeds
tomato sauce (to your liking)

Ingredients to blend:
Dried chillies

Diced onions
Sliced green chillies (supplier ibu)
Limes, halves (supplier ibu)
Sunny side up

Heat pot (use pot better cos it will splatter here and there).  Add in the powdered ingredients for 1-2 mins.  Pour in the blended ingredients, fry it till the oil floats.  Coarsely blend the foul medames.
Add in the coarse foul medames.  Stir and season it with salt and tomato sauce cook till it bubbles up and off the heat.
Serve a place of kachang phool with some diced raw onions, afew sliced of green chillies, squeeze half or 1 lime and a sunny side up and a few sliced of toast or French loaf. (I fry some but I don't put on my plate)

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