Thursday, April 22, 2010

Homemade Garlic Bread

*Photos has been deleted

On leave today getting ready for REDANG Baybeh!!! hee hee ... Since hubby has to work today ... I'll keep myself useful ard the house. I decided to cook .. thou its 50/50 hahahha anyway here it is my very own garlic bread.

Garlic (toast or roast and mashed fine)
Butter (Salted)
Oregano (ur choice of spice or herbs)
Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Baguette (ur choice of bread)
Line it with aluminium foil or drizzle some olive oil

done match it with any icy cold beverage hee hee ...

Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Less then 10mins weeknitez dinner ...
*Photos has been deleted
tartar sauce spread
focaccia bread (ur choice of bread)
turkey ham (ur choice of meat)
cheese (ur choice of cheese)
melt the cheese in toaster oven ... not too long cos the bread will become hard
top up the veggie or salad (ur choice of gweens)

ta-da ...
easy and fast ...

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Welcome Home Dinner for Hubby and neighbour

*Photos has been deleted

rice (2 part rice : 3 part water or chicken stock)
chicken skin
pandan leaf
** galic and ginger blended
** lemongrass bashed
** tie a knot for the pandan leaf
  • saute blended garlic, blended ginger and chicken skin till aromatic
  • pour water or chicken stock in the rice cooker
  • add the bashed lemongrass and a knot of pandan leaf
  • once simmer add in the sauted mix and put in the rice and mix well
  • leave it to cook.
  • once the rice is cook, can shape it into balls or just serve like dat

oven-baked blackpepper chicken:

blackpepper sauce
blackpepper powder
tumeric powder
chopped onion
chopped gween chili
chopped ginger
curry leaves
  • mix everything together can leave it over nite in the fridge
  • oven-bake it in low heat
accompany the meal with salad of ur choice.
chili sauce
red chili
chili padi
tomato sauce
blend everything and boil it.