Friday, July 3, 2015

Nasi Sambal Goreng

It's Friday! It's Friday! It's finally Friday!  I am excited much cos I'm challenging myself to a heavy ifTHOR (yup I still couldn't let go of THOR!!!) Heeh...

So today is the quest of cooking Nasi Sambal Goreng.  I think its the husband  favourite.  Erm I can't make out his expression. Anyway this NSG is alot of work sey.  I went cold storage during lunch yesterday.  Got some of the stuff I need.  After breakfast, I went to the cold storage at compasspoint (heh almaklum da raya) Disappointed okay supermarket so big run out of dried chillies, tempeh, fresh chicken breast and minced meat. So I took the train to NTUC to get the rest of the stuff. (Kecoh weeeei I went 3 supermarkets in 1 day sheeesh) and NTUC run out of TEMPEH!!!! ok I give up ... the sambal goreng shall have no tempeh.

So I when home and marinate my chicken and fry dry the mince meat and keep in the fridge.

Here is my Nasi Goreng Sambal Set.  Quite a hearty meal hor.  Food Coma lah after that.  Lucky its Friday the tarawih here is 8 rakaats.

Anyway, I did manage to put tempeh in my Sambal Goreng.  The husband went all the way to geylang market to buy.

So ta-daa ... tempeh! Nie star ingredient nie so must have lah kan.  But if you don't like tempeh can always omit it lah.  The husband don't eat paru so I did not put any paru in here.

Here's my plate a bit of everything.  The serunding was also store-bought from geylang market cos the husband is hantu serunding.  He bought 2 types. 

Ayam Goreng Berempah

Bagedil Daging

Sambal Goreng

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