Friday, July 24, 2015


Ibu 58th Birthday.  Wow! 58 oleidie and she has not been given the purple EZlink card.  What this?! They should start giving the senior citizen at the age of 50 ok.  They SHOULD! They MUST!  Anyway ... It was a success.  I attempted to cook 4 dishes and out of the 4 dishes, 3 were 1st time.  
Alhamdulillah it when well.  Tiring but it's a good tired.

This year we have 6 adults in our family. And in a few months time a new addition to the family.  Everyone is very excited.  Ibu cannot decide what the baby should call her Nenek? Nyayi? Oma? My brother also Papa, Ayah or Daddy-O but whatever it is we are very excited on the arrival of the newborn.

She is so mental.  She wanted a photo of her "action-action" cut cake.  I took soooo many photos of this cos she had to close her eyes when I snapped. Beside her is Nek Asmah her BFF I guess.

My ibu loves messy and berdechet chocolate cake.  You can't go wrong with chocolate origin's cakes.  There's only 2 option Original or Dark chocolate. This is sooooo a good choice.

Feasting.  Breaking fast together.  When I told her, she do not need to cook.  Guess where I get my stubborn-ness from ... She still cook lor.  Lucky only 1 dish if not we will have problem finishing the dishes.

Nasi Jagung | Corn Rice

Squid Masala | Sotong Masala Curry 

Ayam masak Merah | Red Chicken?

Daging masak Hitam | Black Beef?

Hahahahh ok I'm being annoying. I enjoy cooking for my love ones and I really hope they enjoyed my food.  I may not cook like my ibu but I put in a lot of thought and love when I'm cooking.
If I'm not sincere, I don't even bother. #justsaying #takmarahannoyedje

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