Saturday, July 11, 2015

How I plan to spend my Ramadhan this year

Not my usual food entry. This entry to remind myself what I have promise myself

1. To better my prayers
2. To read and understand the Quran
3. To reflect
4. To repent
5. To do Qiyam
6. To cherish this Ramadhan as if it is my last (hopefully not)
7. To spend quality time with family
8. To make lots of duas 
9. To kick bad habits (less talk|less social media|sleep more 😁)
10. To enjoy Ramadhan peacefully

At the end ... I would want to be a better person a better muslim. Every year I set a target for myself and I did not managed to do even half of it. It's depressing. This year I am so full of hope. My desire to at least memorise and understand some surahs (I'm still working on it) 

A few days ago ... I add Juz' Amma on my YouTube playlist. I was surprised that how this surahs calms me. So in my to-buy-list ... Novel Maid and Juz Amma with translation.

No more slacking. No more stoning. Allah loan me this life and I really want to make the best of it. The best of Ramadhan. Insya Allah. 

May I be focus and discipline. Insya Allah Amiin

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