Monday, August 29, 2011

Tapak Kuda (Horse Shoe)

Sun is the last day to baking and need to wrap up really soon.  So many things to do so little time.  I'm exhausted cos I came home at 4am and I deserved a good rest but no ... people have to wake me up early in the morning ... I had miss call as early as 8am!!! and messages kept coming it.  I left so irritated cos I can't go back to sleep so I decided to make full use of the day.

Dragged myself to the toilet (with 4hrs of sleep I hit the wall in the way to the toilet).  Sunday was quite fruitful, I bake tapak kuda and kek batik (will upload later).  Day time tapak kuda looked skinny hee hee ... after break fast I did one more batch it looks much better lar ...

Note to self: When cracking eggs, crack in a small bowl and transfer to the big bowl do not crack straight in the big bowl cos u never know u'll get bad eggs.  Cos after cracking 6 eggs ... the 7th egg is a bad egg and I have to throw all of it so wasted.  Lesson learn.

*Photos has been deleted

10 eggs yolks
5 egg white white
225g Castor sugar
110g plain flour or refined flour (I use the Hong Kong flour)
10g milk powder or vanilla ice cream flour
135ml melted butter
1 tbsp sponge stabilizer (ovalette)
1 tsp vanilla essence
1 tsp chocolate flavoring (I used chocolate emulco)
1/2 tsp baking powder
Nutella or chocolate hazel nut paste for filling

1. Combine eggs, sugar and stabilizer.. whisk at low speed and then to medium high speed on ur stand mixer and whisk for a good 8 mins or till thick and fluffy. Add sifted flour, milk and baking powder. Beat again till well mix.
2. Add in the cool melted butter and vanilla essence, mix well.
3. Take five scoops of batter and add chocolate paste to it.. put it aside. Place the rest of the plain batter into a big piping bag.

4. Prepare two greased with baking paper (10x10x1").. Pour chocolate mixture and spread evenly in pan. Then pipe in plain batter on top of the chocolate batter (the reason being so that the the plain batter will not mix with chocolate batter) For some reason I did the other way round cos I did not read the instruction hee hee

5. Bake in oven at 180c for 20-25 minutes. Cool slightly (mine was done within 15mins)

6. Remove cake from pan. Cut around edge of cake... ( i cant be bother hehe) Spread Nutella. Cut cake into 
two or more. 

Roll into two tightly.. wrap with clingwrap.. store in refrigerator.

Becos I had so much fun ... I made 2 batches ... hee hee ... 

Source: Kak Rima

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