Thursday, August 11, 2011

Mass Updates!

Lately I am quite occupied and don't have the time to update my blog... I will try my best to keep it update aite so bare with me otey ... 

05 Ramadhan 1432: Nasi Goreng Kampong. simple and fast. actually watever ingredient u wan to put u can put ok like sotong, prawns, chicken chunks ... its all up to ur creativity otey.

 09 Ramadhan 1432: National Day Red and White Theme so I've decided to cook Nasi Lemak.

Ingredients (My mom's version)
Coconut Milk
Ginger (bashed)
Lemongrass (bashed)
Pandan leaves (a knot)

Wash the rice properly.  Add all the ingredient mix well and dun forget on the rice cooker -_-''' (puasa2 nie selengernye bukan main lagy)

Sambal Tumis
Blended Dried Chili
Belacan (toasted and grind)
Blended Garlic 
Blended Onion
Asam juice
Oil for frying

Ikan Bilis

Heat oil, fry chili, onion, garlic and belachan (low heat for 30 - 45mins) with constant stirring. 
Add asam juice cook it for 5 to 10mins.  
Add Sugar.  Let it boil for a while and off.
Add the item of ur choice (ikan bilis, prawn, egg, peanuts, fishballs) or u can choose to leave it empty.

Chicken: I use the Instant power from NTUC 

 10 Ramadhan 1432: Sabsuka!
For this time round the method abit different.  Once everything is mixed together and almost cook, transfer it to a pyrex dish.  Drop afew eggs and drizzle 2 tbsp of ghee (i've use EVOO). Bake it in the oven at 180C for 10 to 15mins once the eggs are set you can take out and serve.
Mine abit watery so if you wan it to be thicker put less water aite ... 

This method is found in Sarimah's Kitchen.

Happy cooking!

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