Thursday, August 4, 2011

100th Entry: Nasi Ayam

03 Ramadhan 1432 

Ramadhan is here again... Alhamdulillah ... May we be bless with health and strength to do our ibadah in this wonderful month.  So let's us take this precious opportunity to pray and seek forgiveness.  Let's us work towards being a better Muslim Insya-Allah.  Happy Fasting to All ...

This is the first day during the fasting month this year that I cooked and break fast at home.  The passed 2 days Esa had to attend class so I decide to break fast at the mosque.  I had fun cooking I was so happy that I sang while cooking ... Happy giler!!! hahah ... 

I've been cooking nasi ayam so many time... so click here for recipe ok.

Slamat berpuasa semua =D

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