Monday, August 30, 2010

Over the weekend ... Busy Bee

Been busy over the weekend ... stress level slightly high.  Sat iftar at SIL's place Sun iftar @ Popeye Spore Flyer with Ida and Farik

I dowan to go to my SIL's place empty handed so I made clawpiah ... the name I just made it up hahahah ... its actually crab meat there no claw at all lar hee hee ... something simple and less time consuming.

popiah skins
crab meat
black pepper

 Cut the crab meat into 3 section, use fork to break it up
Add in mayo, salt and black pepper and mix well
Lay a piece of the Popiah skin on a flat board. 
Spread one teaspoon of the crab meat filling
Fold up the two sides of the wrapper and roll up
Deep fry it till golden brown and crispy
Serve it with sour cream and chili sauce

Weee.... JCO i had snow white YUM-O ... and Grande Ice Caramel Macchiato @ RC.

Huge iftar ... mabok chicken...

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