Monday, August 23, 2010

13 Ramadan 1431

I won't be posting any food photos today cos we had leftovers hee hee... still yummy ... abit of asam pedas ikan pari from SIL, abit of yesterday murtabak kraker, a whole lot of otah left by yana and fad and a few wings.

I've been blog hopping the pass few days and I salute some of the ladies who have passion in their cooking ... baking ... online business or anything lar. I would like to pay my tribute to some wonderful ladies that I've been following their blogs the pass few months... weeks ... and maybe days.

1. Kak Rima an awesome lady, shared her recipes and also there to answer some of my idiotic questions.  With a 2yr old pwincess she manages to bake almost everyday, fantastic.  Thou I'm a klutz in baking but I really want to perfect myself.

2. this doctor brings his camera everywhere for his food hunting and I like that, cos at times it feels awkward to shoot every time the food arrived hee hee.

3. Nurul introduced to me this blog last week. I was like waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah kakak nie ade buku lar ... I tried her pudding caramel lapis coklat didn't turn out too well hahah i think i must stay away from cake mixer and steamer ar.

4. I like this blog too When I  don't have any idea what to cook, I can always browse rozzan's page sure got sometime nice to try.

To: Kak Rima, Kak Hanie and Rozzan ... All of you are AWESOME!!!


Rima said...

Heheh woahhh nak kena lottery agaknye tak.. yesterday almost bourdain did shout out and I was one of them... and today ur blog.. kikiki ada kah ku ini bermimpi :op

No worries.. sharing is caring kan.. I'm not perfect either and still learning.. :o)

ilahslilpinkkitchen said...

Hee Hee bourdain!!! Anthony Bourdain!!!! *giggles*

=D ... Thank you so much