Monday, August 16, 2010

5 Ramadan 1431

5 Ramadan 1431 - Grave visiting (Ayah, Tok Amir and Father in Law)
Its been 4yrs, since ayah left us. I still remember him the same way ... his cheeky smile, his snoring, how he scolded me wen i'm in the wrong ... I miss him a lot ... I hope he is proud of me, i tried my best to keep the family together ... I really hope my brothers end their war soon, 1 is stubborn the other is hot tempered. But Alhamdulilah they have not been fighting lately.

I been following Kak Rima's blog. So I took the courage and try one of the kuih recipe. My hubby loves Putri Salat so I try lar eh. I bought a small loyang tin but wen i wen home it din fit my rice cook punye steamer. Improvise lar sikit, I use the wok instead. End product ... It looks very ugly, smells familiar, texture pun macam ok like dat but the look ... gone case ... hahhaha ...
den i realised wen kak rima ask "did u wrap penutup kukusan dgn towel tak?? " I was like oooooooh nak kene wrap the cover hee hee ...

Anyway here are some of the pix i took ... ugly pun ugly lar nak show jugak.

tgk tu berbukit2 ...

If u look closer u can see valley too... hahha

=D i took the recipe from kak rima's blog. I half all the portion cos I have a small tin.

250g sugar
6 eggs (abt 60g each)
60g flour (I added 5g more)
10g sago or corn flour (I used corn flour and added 5g more)
750ml thick coconut milk (i used KARA 350g and add 400ml water)
pinch of salt
1 tbsp pandan paste
a few drops of green colouring
one or two drops of rose essence (i added)

Stir eggs and sugar until well combined. Add the coconut milk and the rest of the ingredients. Strain the batter to remove any lumps.
Cook it over low heat till slightly warm... stirring it occasionally so as to avoid any lumpy batter..
Scratch the surface of the steam rice lightly with a fork. Pour in the batter on top of the rice. Steam over medium heat for an hour or until set.
Set it aside to cool completely before cutting into serving pieces.

Insya-Allah I wil try again soon. Practice makes perfect. Maybe on the weekend I make for my ibu pulak lar.


Kitchen Guardian said...

tabik you buat kueh ni!

ilah manaf said...

hee hee cuba-cuba

Rima said...

Ilah u keep on trying ok.. i was like u bef.. sampai putus semagat nak buat kuih muih.. macam kena badi gitew heheh..

In btw u like the roast chicken.. my hb big fan of that chicken.. sampai sekarang masak nasi lemak also nak chicken tu hehe

ilahslilpinkkitchen said...

Insya-Allah this weekend nak try cuber lagy ...

ouh suker skali very moist and tak raser pun dia punye mayo ... lemak2 best ...