Monday, August 30, 2010

Baking Mayhem Part I - Honey Cornflakes

Thanks to Nurul's mom for the recipe ... hee hee ... I'm always kancheong spider and klutz in baking but alhamdullilah weekend wen well for me.
For the 1st time I do baking alone with no supervision from my mom at my own kitchen ... I deserve a pat on my back =D 

170g icing sugar
225g butter
1tbsp honey
400g cornflakes

Put icing sugar, butter and honey in a pot, low heat, till thicken
Crushed cornflakes and mix well
Put in small cups
Bake in 175 degree oven from 12 to 15mins

ps: I add roasted chopped almonds, chocolate drizzle and colourful sprinkles

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