Monday, February 27, 2012

Stay Home Sunday

Ahhh... its nice to wake up late on Sun ... NOT! ... I woke up early and unable to fall asleep after that.  Since I'm wide awake, we (me + hubby) went breakfast with mil.  Not much choice lah so we settled for pratas ... after that went NTUC, do our marketing cos we had guest later sun afternoon. 

Before I went marketing, I've googled a few recipes. Yup ... google ...I cannot cook well so every time i want to cook something I have never try before, I google it heeh ... yes! Just google it and you can find everything and anything.  I found Rozzan by googling hee hee .... Though it is a simple recipe, this is my first time trying this recipe.  Mum call it Bihun goreng and a friend of mine, Yana call it Mee Birthday.  I find it funny hee hee and its quite true cos I realised that they serve Bihun Goreng (Fried Bihun) aka Mee Birthday at Birthday parties. So I decided to call it Mee Birthday too.  

1 packet of Bihun (Soak in hot water and drained excess water)
7-8 clove garlic (blend)
6 shallots (blend)
300 gm prawns (clean and deveined)
300 gm squid (clean and cut)
3-4 pcs fish cake (sliced)
1 tsp sesame oil
1 tbsp oyster sauce
2 tsp pepper
fried shallots -garnish
omelette - garnish

Heat up oil.  Fry the blended ingredients. Constant stirring it turns yellow.
Add in sotong, fishcake, mix and stir 1-2 mins and add prawns.
Season it with oyster sauce, sesame oil, salt and mix well.
Add pepper and bihun.  Mix well.
Sprinkle fried onions and strips of omelette to serve

I deep fry some sausages to go with the mee.  Hope my guests like it.

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