Monday, March 19, 2012

WSAHW: Weekend Stay At Home Wife ... Heeh

Weekend Stay At Home Wife ... Why? ... We did spring cleaning ... heeh ... Not much to tell ... my weekend was pretty boring lah ...

Click Ayam Balado for recipe.
This is my MIL's recipe and Esa's fav dish. So I try my best to cook as awesome as his mom ... I'm getting there.... hahhah ... slowly but surely =D

Click Macaroons for recipe.
Macaroons ... Macaroons ... Macaroons ... why you so hard to master.  This link was shared by a fwen, Yuke Kwai.  She loves to bake too ... so she shared me this link. It looks simple. Not too sure what when wrong lah ... could be my eggs ... oven temperature ... etc... it looks ok rite?! but the bottom stuck to the sheet lah ... haiz.  Anyway I'm gonna try the Italian method soon ... (soon ... can be tomorrow and it can also mean next year)

Steamed Fish
Ah the story of the steamed fish ... last fri I went to daiso after my medical appointment at CGH.  I saw this cute plate ... so cute that I decided to buy ... (excuses lah) 
So how buy plate oleidie ... I decided to go NTUC to look around what I can buy.
I went to the fish section ... I stand there for almost 5 mins ... and I saw this lady  and ...
Me: Hi ... erm check with you ... what fish is good for steaming 
Aunty: that fish ... this fish ... this is good too ... I normally buy this
Me: ah ... what if I want to use fillet?
Aunty: Steam fish must have bones ... nice ... You go there got whole fish
Me: Thank you. (I walked to the whole fish section)
???!!! What the ... toooot! I dunno how to clean fish. 

Me: Uncle, which fish good to steam...
Uncle: ???!!! (blur) nie tan ah nie tan ah wo pu tong chiang hua yi
Lady: Yes ...
Me: which fish good to steam ... (irritated)
Lady: ah ... this is nice silver pomfret, sea bass ... get the white meat not oily.
Me: :) question.  I want this can you clean for me?
Lady: Can ... Can ... No problem
Me: Ok I take this (point at the $2.38 ... I did not read the fine print)
5mins later
Lady: Ok Ah-girl ... $8.90
Me: I stare at her blankly and take MY fish ... Thanks 
My eyes almost popped out ... $8.90???!!! did I bought a jaws? ... and I look at the pricing again ... 100gm is $2.38 ... haiz ... Lesson learn. 

Anyway here is the recipe ... I made it up lah cos when I google for steamed fish they normally uses wine.
Here is my version

1 fish (uncle can clean for you and chop off the head)
ginger (I used sliced and shredded)
chili padi)
spring onion
tom yam paste

Method: I mixed everything together and just steamed. 

There's another story ... So I happy put everything in the plate ... bring out my new red tuperware steamer only to realised that it doesn't fit -_-''
Thank goodness I have my new diamond set happycall ... hah! problem solve. So I use my diamond set wok. Awesome Possum ... The not so awesome part was I steamed too early and Esa was late ... haiz ... so the fish was served cold cos the wife lazy to reheat.  The End.

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