Saturday, February 18, 2012

Once a Upon a Lomo

I'm turning 1 soon ... in the lomo world ... LOL!

How it started?

23 Jan 2011: I followed hubby, Hakimbo &Izad for a lomo-shoot ... havin no clue what this lomo thing was all about.  All the 3 boys were armed with their film cameras. Esa did not own a film camera so he loaned one from Hakimbo, a yellow Blackbird Fly toy camera.

BBF: The Blackbird, Fly, Twin Lens Reflex 35mm Plastic Camera.

We started from Kampung Buangkok went to Bukit Timah Saddle Club and ended at Keppel Bay Marina. I was awed ... I didn't think Esa would ever bring me to such places ... It was an eye opener for me.

Kampung Buangkok:
Kampong Buangkok is the last surviving kampong in mainland Singapore. The land was acquired in 1956 from Mr Huang Yu Tu and evolved into a kampong. It was initially a swampy piece of land with only 5-6 homes. By the 1960's, it housed about 40 families. The land area used to be 21460m². The land area has shrunken in size to 12248.1m². ~ Wikipedia 

Bukit Timah Saddle Club
It was my first time looking at real life horses ... and they were huge I tell you ... My favourite was 'Murphy'.  It looked majestic with black and white patches (like a cow) and long furry legs?

 Marina @ Keppel Bay
It's where rich people spend their leisure time with friends and family and hosted exclusive events.  We were there to look at the yachts and took lots of pix ... The best part of it was there no crowd ... The surrounding was peaceful.

and so the boys start snapping away ... I took photos too ... nice photos with my trusty iphone ... hee hee ... Looking at them shooting from different angles, I followed. 

So I thought thats the end of my 'lomo' shoots with the boys.  I enjoyed myself but I don't think film is my thing. I was looking back at all the photos I took.  Why I decided to use film? When I decided that I enjoy using film than digital? Why the switch?

I used to take self-portrait (I'm guilty) Lol! ... not happy, delete, take again ... till I'm satisfied with it. hmmm ... not fun leh ... 

Anyway ... week passed by ... then months ... We didn't talk about taking pictures much. and Izad brought up this question ... eh you all wanna join Peek! Scavenger Hunt? hmmm ... Hubby was supper excited and I tagged along. Click here to view photos.

I loaned a film camera from Fad, Franka AF 300 and used Kodak 400 TMAX BW. It was super fun lor.  Because of the time duration given, we had to run around abit and since it started to rain when we were doing our hunt, we got wet heeh! Not everyday you get play in the rain ... took photo with strangers ... danced in back alley ... posed next to a RED car that was not yours ... It was crazy ... hilarious ... fun ... exciting like crazy ... I said crazy twice hahaha ... So I snapped away ... They did not tell me that they will be using my roll ... first of all I am not 1isted as a participant 2nd that was my first time using a film camera, half of the time I ask for help ... why cannot crank ... why cannot press to realise that I did not open lens cover.  and they want to submit my film!!!!! that's CRAZY i tell you. I freaked out a little ... they had to use my film cos one of the member had not finished snapping. I was so worried it they lose then they have me to blamed.  Anyway after submitting the film I bought my 1st film toy camera, Superheadz Olive San Wide Lens. The day came where the photos were back ... I was surprised.  The photos were not bad.  I was happy its kinda stupid and over-reacting lah...

and my journey begin with films cameras ... 

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