Monday, September 20, 2010

Tempeh Campak-campak?!

today i tot of cooking kachang pool. dah mintak recipe from my ibu lagy sey but NTUC @ Sengkang tak sell foul medames. haiz
bump into yana hee hee ... so near yet so far ... y i said so cos we stay few bloks away but the last time i saw her and hubby was on the ONE's bdae which was before raya 6th sep ... it was horrible sey cos i din notice kalau yana tak tego i haiz ... the ONE always has my mata tarok kat lutut hahahah ...
ok time to panic cos i dun have a backup plan ... oklar end up i settle for tempeh almaklum saya jawa per ...
erm ok i just create it along the way lar eh ...

tempeh (sliced)
onion (sliced)
garlic (chopped)
blended chili
curry powder
fish cake
oyster sauce
black pepper


Marinate the tempeh with chili curry powder and abit of salt.
Deep fry it, and put aside.
Heat pan with oil enuf to stir fry, add garlic and onion saute
Add su'un and fish cake. too dry - add in abit of water
Season with salt and black pepper.
Add the fried tempeh ... mix well
Accompany it with hot steamed rice .... YUM ... simple home cook food
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