Monday, January 25, 2016


This is not one of those trips that we go out to hunt for food.  This was a hectic and tiring trip I had so far thou I enjoyed it.  Yes I tagged along with hubby's company's trip to Pattaya.
I 've been to gatherings but not a getaway with them ... I've conclude that this trip has waaaay to much screaming ... yup ... screaming ... like literally.

So the flight from Singapore to Bangkok was about 2hrs and a bus ride from Bangkok to Pattaya was another 2hrs.  I was getting restless and annoyed and hungry and tired and aching and everything you can think of ... 

We reached the hotel! Yey like finally. The next 3 nites at Amari Ocean Pattaya.  Very nice and not so decent hotel.  Where are all the locks for the toilets and the bathroom??!!! I felt so insecure.

 Nice bed ... but why its the toilet and bathroom the opposite ... maunye huru-hara tenggah mandi nak terberak... irrit eh layout.

We did not manage to rest as we need to freshen up and solat and meet at the lobby for dinner.  The dinner was not at the hotel.  It took 45mins to 1hr bus ride to dinner. Hungry Man is an Angry Man was an understatement.
So after 1hr or so we reached Suttangrak. Actually before they placed everything I took the picture liao ... heeh it was a wide spread,

We received 5am wake-up call.  Yes 5am. After we had breakfast, feeling-feeling walk by the pool gitu lah... and we left for Parasailing. The weather changed instantly.  Lucky everyone had their turn and it rained heavily.  The sea was choppy and the boat ride was making me oozy.  But I can't close my eyes as the screaming was like a siren hahahah. Sorry but I find it entertaining lah.

Once we reached Sukkee Beach, it stopped raining.  Amazing.  So they did jetski and banana boat.  He's boss asked me to take part.  I gave him the ok look.  The next moment I parked myself one corner very cozy. He came and shocked me.  "I ask you to play jetski, you sit down here and yawn." Caught red handed woh ... af cos lah yawn woke up freaking 5am leh I'm still cranky ok. I smiled and cover my face.  I am good ad avoiding conversation hahahah.

I love the beach it looks so gween and yummy ... ok I'm hungry.

After all the water sport ... dry ... wet .. dry ... wet ... it's time for lunch.  We had lunch at A-One Hotel. Food not bad.  But the herbal duck soup is a no no ok.  Go Thailand, tom yum is a must!

After lunch ... we had 2 hours before the D&D (Drink and get Drunk).  We got change took cab to Central Festival Mall.  less than 5mins ride.  10 baht per person.

The taxi (pick up) can fit about 10 to 12 pax.  Since there's only 7 of us it was quite spacious.

Walk around take pictures ... after a while I got bored cos it's a mall after all ... so we decided to park ourselves at Starbucks and wait for the rest to finish shopping.

Same old coffee.

Sight-seeing, people-watching ... I realised that Pattaya is Russian-Friendly. Pweety-pweety russian girls =p. 

Old russian men = Chess

On the way back to the hotel.  We paid 100 baht for the driver to take us straight back.

Moving fruit stall!. Its the only time my fruit intake is on the higher side. 

After all the fruits I'm too full to eat dinner at the D&D.  It was a fun night feels like a chinese wedding with never ending "Yam-Seng" ... Some of them drunk their ass off and forgotten about the next day team building.  It's quite entertaining to see the hungover faces.

The bus ride took like forever to reach the zoo.  So oklah I decided to take part. I dowan to be bored waiting.  The hike up was so frustrating!. I hate morning walks. I hate climb stairs.  Now I need to climb uneven steps.  Major urrgh!

I try not to complain. The word was TRY ...

After 20 mins of walking ... we reached the place.  Briefed on safety procedures and put on the equipment. Seriously, I was a little bit nervous. After the first station, I got the hang of it. I enjoyed it and annoyed with the 2 professionals that's trying to scare us shit-less.  Not funny lor. 

Flight of the Gibbon:

Since I joined the first group, we end the course at almost 2pm and had lunch right after that.  Nope we did not wait for the rest. Hee Hee ... 

After that we went to the Big Bee Farm and did the touristy stuff. 

I don't like to look at bees, they give me the creeps eeeeik. 

But this chocolate honey ice cream was yum! Thank you bees for producing the honey for my consumption =p.

by the time we reached hotel at 6pm.  Wash up and get ready for dinner.  Journey to dinner taking freaking long.  When we reached, we still need to walk to the other end from the entrance -____-''

I can't remember the place that we had for dinner.  It's facing the beach and there's mini fire works after dinner. The food was ok. After dinner we went Tiffany Show.

It was entertaining honestly.  But I was too tired half way thru the show I feel asleep. The props were all over the top.  The dresses are all gorgeous.

I want to cry! How can they the men looked like that and I look like this.  
They had the photo taking session at the podium very nice and fairy tale like.  Ok I need bed.

Last day looking at the beach scenery. Ok dah I'm ready to back to Singapore heeh.

Lunch was at Jasin Bangsaen.  Finally I had my Iced Thai Milk Tea here.

Coconut Ice Cream ... on a raining day...

So lets all bid farewell to Pattaya and Hello Monday!  

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