Monday, December 21, 2015

Umrah 2015

This trip was not plan earlier. It just happened. I'm glad it happened. I wish I get to share it with my hubby. Insya Allah in near future. It was a very short trip. I can't believe that I'm back in Singapore oleidie. It was fun and entertaining. It also tested the faith and endurance and the best of all the feeling near your creator. Technically our creator is always close by lah rite but you noe wat I mean being there on the sacred lands. Here are some photos:

I took this on the last day in mecca. I know that I'm gonna miss it terribly. But the photo don't do justice on the real thing.

This was after subuh and the sky was so beautiful. 

While waiting for Ishak crowd to go out of the masjid, this boy entertained us with his hand stand.

This is one of the miqat place at Hudaibiyah in Syumaisi. It's 24km outside the haram boundary. 
Masjid Bai'ah ar-Ridhwan Hudaibiyah. 

We went to a Camel farm in Hudaibiyah. Interestingly jemaah put the camel's milk on their face -___-"

We are half way up at Jabal Nur:

A stop over for solat and lunch before continuing the rest of the journey to madinah

Lunch = awesome 

Masjid Quba. Is the 1st mosque that the prophet Muhammad SAW built. Performing solat sunat 2 rakaat is equal to performing 1 umrah.

12 deg sheeeeshhhh .... Here I am with a cup of 2 rial ice cream.

Local chocolates and dates.

Behind them was Al-baqi'.  Where some of Rasul SAW relatives were buried and other muslimins the aftermath of Battle of Badr.

Jabal Uhud. "Orang yang melakukan solat jenazah, pahalanya sebesat Jabal Uhud"

at 12 deg with a cone of ice cream ... YUM!

Masjid Nabawi

8 deg ... another cup ... 

Outside Ar-Raudhah.

An awesome trip ever! I hope to be invited again. And the next time I come, I'll make sure my hubby is with me.

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