Saturday, October 2, 2010

Chicken Cordon Bleu

Today the ONE had to work ... so i plan my day ar ... morning went marketing got some frozen food for home and my lil bro. Ibu and Oyin went grave visiting in the morning.  Slack abit and we decided to go Mustafa .... Mustafa ... on a weekend ... aiyaya ... 
I oni bought tortilla... but lil bro was the big spender hahahah ... he bought blender to make iced blended drinks, chicken breast, turkey bacon, ham, paos, capsicum, bananas, lime .... and the list wenr on ... he spent close to $200 ... O_O goodness and he's oni 16.
It was quite tiring cos it was super hot today ... we took train and went home. I was so proud of myself hahahah cos 1. we did not lost our way 2. we took the right train home khe khe khe ...
Oyin had tried cooking cordon bleu twice and on both occasion he tweak the recipe.  Today is his 3rd attempt and he cooked for me ... lovely and yummilicious tau.
He took the recipe from here.

chicken breast (sliced it into 2 and tenderize it)
turkey bacon
mozzarella cheese
cheddar cheese

Cut the meat into 2 and tenderize it
Placed the tenderized meat on the chopping board, put bacon, ham and mixed on top of the meat
Roll and skewed it
Heat pan will a lil bit of oil enough to pan fry the meat
Once its half cook take it out from the pan
Oil will be re-use to make the sauce

Ingredients (Sauce)
minced garlic
chicken broth
corn flour/ all-purpose flour
shitake mushroom
evaporated milk

Use back the oil and saute the minced garlic and diced onion
Once the onion soften add in the shitake mushroom
Add the broth and let it boil 
Once its boiling add cornflour to thicken
Drizzle a bit of evaporate milk
Add the meat in and parsley cook it for 20 to 25mins till the meat is fully cook.

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