Monday, August 3, 2015

My kind of Monday

Alhamdulillah it rained in the morning. So I snuggled even deeper under the duvet. It was so peaceful until that unpleasant smell.  The Mister decided to let out a smelly bomb *insert crying emoticon* It was 8.30am!!!!! I was late!!! Decided to take urgent leave and continue sleeping.  I lost my mood to sleep. 
9.30am or so ... felt hungry.  Bathed and walked to KFC in the rain (romantic right).  After that we went home and continue to nap.  Lazy in so many levels.  After Zohor, we were out and about.  We had late Lunch at Agrobazaar

It's located at Lot 37-43 Sultan Gate.

Cute center piece.  This is a tudung saji (food cover). This is a mini for deco purpose.  Normal size can cover about 4 dishes or more.

This was rock melon juice.  It came with the package $55 for 2 pax.

Fried Popiah with Otah filling

Personally, the ambience was abit off. It's a Malaysian cuisine, the set up was ok but!!!! the loud background music made me feel like I was in a club.

Curry Chicken. Had a very rich coconut flavour to it.

Stir-fry Vegetaables

Young Mango Kerabu.  No it does not taste like Mango salad.  This was super sour that makes the hairs behind your neck stands.

Seabass 3 rasa.  I like steam fish more than fried.

PisGor = Pisang Goreng.  This was sooooo good.  Sadly in came only 4 slices per serving.  Sweet, Crispy and Yummeh.


We left with happy bellies.  All in all it's quite ok ah for the price and the quality of food.  It's reasonable enough.  Minus the background music that have to change sey. They also have durian buffet.  I almost fainted .... almost.  It would be nice to share these food experience with your love ones cos the servings were quite generous.

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