Friday, August 21, 2015

Halo Amigos

So yesterday we can not decide what to have for dinner.  I was thinking Nasi Lemak Kukus but the husband wanted to eat something light.  Heard about a new place that serves Halal Mexican Food.  We decided to give it a try. Afterwit is located at 778 North Bridge Road.

The place was dim not the romantic kind of dim. Mexican songs played at the background.  It was quite catchy.  The wall arts are awesome! hubby said it was spray paint. Erm the space is compact but not claustrophobic.

I had Salmon Ahumado (Smoked Salmon and Jalapenos Tacos) that was served with side salad and chips. It's quite tasty. $12 for this spread I feel it's too pricey. The smoked salmon is so little. And the tomato dipping sauce tasted like Pizzahut breadstix's dipping sauce.

Alitas de Pollo Picantes (Spicy Chicken Midwings seasoned with garlic, honey, hot sauce and lime) tasted ok but not value for money, to me at least.

Pato Jarabe De Arce (Duck Burrito with Syrup) 
It's roasted duck chunks with some maple syrup, guacamole, onions, scrambled eggs, tomatoes and Mexican Rice. The hubby wanted roasted beef but it was not available.  He did not enjoy his burrito. He felt meh after having a few bite and he did not finish it... and dinner was on me yesterday.
Overall not a very nice experience for us. They have nice servers though but their food did not shout fabulous! 
Hubby, will not return again.  I might give it another chance as I have not try their desserts.

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