Sunday, February 20, 2011

Gotta Cheer myself up... NEED happy food

This week has been a hectic week for me... work is flowing in so i got to jot down wat i need to do ... i worry i will forget it and all the date lines, home is not easy either - stuff dat i need to do ...i need to improvise my cutlery drawer cos the drawer under the stove is not working for me any suggestions??! ... ibu keep nagging at be about her toilet door ... oyin with ibu problem ... ahnaf with job hunting ... they are driving me nuts ... so ytd i decided to do something da make me happy lar ....

Rosti ... it was introduce to me by Yana somewhere in 2008. i made it once but cant remember the outcome so i decided to try again. Ouh yah ... i think its best to use russet potatoes more lemak ... this time round i used new potatoes it tasted sweet wen caramelized hahhah ... so i think russet potatoes is a good choice for Rosti. And i kind of improvised yana's recipe abit.

Half boiled potatoes (I did not boil I like the al dente texture)
Black pepper
Chopped parsley
EVOO (your choice ghee/butter/veg oil)

You can choose to half boil the potatoes and grate it or you can just grate it raw in a bowl.
Season with salt and pepper.  I also add chopped dried parsley from the bottle.
Mix well and squeeze the excess water.
Heat up the frying pan with EVOO (Rachael Ray is my idol so i use EVOO hahaha )
Don't have to wait for it to sizzle cos it will be smoky. put in the potatoes and flatten it in the pan shape itself... 3 to 5 mins on each sides fry it till golden brown ... place it straight on a plate do not put on a kitchen towel ladies cos it will stick aite ... garnish, up to ur own creativity ok ... sausages, mayo ... go crazy ahhaha ....

My 1st attempt ... looks good!!!! ... so excited cos it poofs upwards hee hee ... in the aluminum cups doesnt have the same texture so remember to use ramekins ok. Lovely ....

I dust it with icing sugar and accompany it with vanilla ice-cream and a drizzle of chocolate fudge.

I got this recipe from cooking for engineers ... cute rite. 

Dark Chocolate SoufflĂ© (serves two; recipe can be doubled) 
Preheat oven to 375°F (190°C) and prepare two 6 oz. (180 mL) ramekins with butter and sugar
4 oz. (115 g) 70% cacao chocolatemelt in double boilerwhiskfold in egg whitespour into ramekinsbake 375°F (190°C) 15 min.
1/2 Tbs. (7 g) butter
1 oz. (30 mL) heavy cream
2 large egg yolks
2-3 large egg whiteswhisk to soft peakswhisk to stiff peaks
a dash (1/16 tsp.) cream of tartar
1/6 cup (35 g) sugar

Since I do not have any baking chocolate at home ... I use Cadbury Duo from NTUC and it works just as nice.

Source: Cooking for Engineers.

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