Sunday, June 5, 2016

Laksa Ibu

Mr E loves my Ibu's laksa but we do not want to trouble her. Next in line is me aka the Wife. Since fasting starts tomorrow, I decided to cook the laksa today. I don't want him to drool all day tomorrow.

I asked Ibu for the recipe and this was what she gave me yesterday, bawang putih, bawang besar, halia sikit, lengkuas sikit, serai, lada kisar sikit, ikan kembong or tenggiri, udang kering/ikan bilis and that's it .... on top of that she called to say nak kene tarok santan, kunyit or kari ikan... and I have to agak-agak the quantity. Mothers ... They cook with no measurements. 

So here's my portioning 

To blend
4-5 cloves garlic 
1 large onion
A thumb of ginger 😜
15-20 dried chili
1 handful dried shrimp
1 handful ikan bilis
3-5 pcs of ikan kembong/ ikan tenggiri

An inch of galangal (bashed)
1 lemongrass (bashed)
1 medium pack of santan
Laksa noodles
Oil for frying
Salt to taste

Tau Pok
Boiled tiger prawns
Boiled eggs
Fish cakes
Laksa leaves
Sambal tumis

Boil the fish and remove the bones. Keep the fish broth.
Blend garlic, onion, ginger, dried chili, dried shrimp, ikan bilis, boneless ikan kembong/ ikan tenggiri
Heat oil. Sautéed the galangal and lemongrass 
Add the blended ingredient and cook well and stir often. 
Once dried up add the fish stock and bring to boil
Add santan. Cook on low heat. Once boil can off the heat.

Serve. Put the laksa noodles in a bowl. Scoop the gravy on to the noodles garnish it with boiled egg, sliced fish cake, tau pok, boiled prawns, chopped laksa leaves and sambal tumis.

The outcome is not bad for first attempt, Alhamdulillah. 

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