Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Ayam Masak Merah

I cook today. Yey! ... It's been a while since I stepped in the kitchen heh... Since I'm on mc, I will slowly cook for myself and the husband.

Today Ayam masak Merah was a success.  I don't normally follow 1 recipe but a few so I can try and decide which one I will keep.  I have been following Mat Gebu for a few years now.  His recipes are nice and traditional for most. I like to take reference from his blog as the ingredients are easy too find and not so complicate. I refer to some other sites too lah... Slamat mencuba. Fuuuuuh I've always wanted to say that.

Recipe taken from:  Tiffinbiru (I alter the ingredients abit)


*Mix of breast meat and wings
*1 tbsp blended dried chili
*1 tsp turmeric powder
*1/2 tsp salt
*1/2 tsp pepper

* Mix and marinate the item above for 15mins or more

1 big onion (sliced)
3 tbsp blended dried chili (put more if you want to)
1/2 bottle of tomato sauce
2 sticks of lemongrass (bashed)
A few sprig of curry leaves
1 cinnamon stick
1 pc star anise
1/2 cup water
Salt to taste

Ingredients to blend
1 big onion
3 cloves garlic
1 inch ginger


  • Fry the marinated chicken. Half cooked and take it out and drain the oil.
  • Pour out the excess oil.  Oil enough for sautee. 
  • Add lemongrass, sliced onion, curry leaves, cinnamon stick and star anise.  Stir for a few mins till the aroma rises
  • Add the blended ingredients and add a spoon or 2 of the blended chili. Cook it will for 10-15 mins with stirring.
  • Add tomato sauce and salt cook till the sauce thickens and add in the fried chicken and mix well.
  • Stir and leave it for 5mins and off the heat.
  • Ready to be eaten.  Garnish with fried shallots and chop corriander

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