Monday, March 23, 2015

Penang and Family

It was supposed to be a solo trip but I managed to make my siblings come with me ... Hello Penang!!! My last Penang trip was Jan 2013.  It's good to be back.

This trip agenda is to just EAT. Yes just Eat!. So here's a few places that I want to go,

Nasi Kandar Line Clear - FOUND!
Penang Road Famous Teochew Chendul - FOUND!
Gurney Drive (Pasembur, Assam Laksa and Kway Teow Penang - FOUND!
Ayu Mee Udang - FOUND!
Coffee Tree - FOUND!
Tau Sar Peah
Apom Chooi
Mugshot - FOUND!
Moustache House - FOUND!
Moon Tree 47

Penang has alot of street arts be it paint, caricature, graffiti .... here is one at the entrance of the hotel we stayed in.

This Hotel is not bad.  There's pros and cons
Pros: Good location, walking distance to places we wanna explore, decent room
Cons: Family room do not have toilet inside the room and there's only 1 miserable plug for charging

Location: 380, Lebuh Chulia, Georgetown

Empty walls ... What empty walls?!  No walls are empty.  Most are covered with colourful graffiti...

The rustic looking old school windows and doors

We've reached Penang at 9am.  Put our bags at the hotel and out we go to look for breakfast. Nasi Kandar Line Clear is a walking distance from the hotel.

Location: 177 Penang Road, Penang

A huge portion of rice, chicken, veggies and 'kuah banjir' (with mixed gravies) thats only RM6.50?!!!! and I had to share this with my lil brother.  Heavy breakfast!

Must look out for the fish logo ok?!

After our heavy breakfast we walked around the area ... there's a morning market just an alley away ... fresh vegetables , fishes , chickens and other stuff ... like over-priced toothbrush ... #justsaying

Its a 5 mins walk from the hotel to this Camera Museum. There's 3 parts: The Cafe, The Shop and The Museum.  There's a RM20 entry fee to the museum.  There's a set of questions that you can fill up and at the end of the walk they give you a small token.  We took it seriously ... like very serious hahahah ...
1. What is SLR
2. What is TLR
3. The oldest camera in the museum
4. The first digital camera
5. Name the Machine Gun camera in WWII

I cheated ... I used my lifeline ... text your hubby for answers =p

Location: 49 Lebuh Muntri, Penang

Happy 3-monthsary!!! hee hee ... I managed to convince this 2 to come with me on my hectic and compact trip to penang ... and thank god they agreed.

My vain 21 years old little brother ... He had to help me carry everything ... But oklah I treated him to good food ... Win-win situation.

The Camera Museum Cafe.  This is Oreo Chocolate Cake with Vanilla Ice-Cream.

Warm Chocolate Brownie with Vanilla Ice-Cream for Shakilah

Iced Mocha in a lens mug how appropriate...

Beside the Camera Museum is a PURRFECT Cat Cafe!!!! we did not manage to see the cats as it was packed and we did not make reservation.  We thought of coming back but I think we forget lol ..

Penang Road FAMOUS Teochew Chendul.

Must look for the Phua Chu Kang photo ok its at the top left hand corner.

Location: Lebuh Keng Kwee, Penang

Chendul!!! this one down here is a must have! ... Super long Q and stall opens at 10.30am.  What I like about this chendul ... it's the light coconut milk, fragrant gula melaka and the bowl of chilled chendul under the blistering sun makes it sogooooood! 2 bowls pls.

The star in any pasembur is the cucur udang ... and when you ask where is the best pasembur some will say Gurney Drive ... ok lets go there.

Location: Beside Plaza Gurney

This mamak is very famous.  He was featured in newspapers, KOSMOS and tv food channel ...
1 word - PASSION.  He has passion ... lots of it ... and style arh ... He has motion when cutting the item ... he dance and sing ... he enjoys what he does ... it was pure entertainment ...

This costed RM65 ... remind me not to let Oyin choose the item.  He took 1 huge fried crab, 2 huge fried prawns .... and i left him to get drinks and he told me it RM65 i almost fainted ... we finished it ... clean plates ... yes! and no room for Assam Laksa and Kway Teow basah ...

We went cold storage at Plaza Gurney and decided to end the day in bed watching movies and eating chips.

Earlier that afternoon ... we went Coffee Tree. I go Keraaaazy! ... We end up getting 10 pkts RM38 - RM48 ea ... the good thing is you can try before you buy ... Some are funky flavour if you are game ... I'm not that adventurous lah ...

Location: 20-A Jalan Bagan Jermal, Georgetown

When we came back ... we saw small pull-cart shop popping along the road in front of the hotel.  We bathe and rested and the 2 brothers go get dinner ... they came back with burger that is as big as my palm!!! ... and oyin had ostrich burger that he said tasted like beef -___-'' ... mine was chicken just plain chicken ...

Some ate on the floor ... some on the bed ,,, ehem ...

Cannot wake up the next day too tired ...

I am so proud ... I packed my clothes and kopi without my hubby ,,,, fuuuiyoooh ...

Out looking for breakfast ... we took a wrong way to subway ... =D

Mugshot were full when we arrived ...

Location: 302 Chulia Street

Kapten Kling Mosque

Moustache Houze was not open too =( were we that early?!

Location: No 24. Lebuh Campbell

Beside Moustache Houze was Sugar Honey ...

and the SAFE s ROOM ...

and we finally found subway ... hahahhaha a good 45mins walk and 3000 iphone steps ... if we go to right of the hotel we could reach subway in less than 10mins ... sorry lah I donno how to read map ...

Nice MnM coloured scooters for rent ..

He who has the DAGU PANTAT!!!!

Mee Udang for lunch and again we were early.

Location: 936B, Lengkok Kampung Masjid Satu, Telok Kumbar

Thank you for taking us in ... Restaurant opens at 1.30pm and we reached quite early ... and ask whether we can sit around while waiting cos its so humid outside.  The man who took our order was quite friendly and did our order straight away ...

This is what we came here for ... ps: normal mee udang has 4 of these ... special has 7 O_O ... and you cannot get this in SG ... especially for that prawn size and the price.

Alhamdulillah ... We can go back SG smiling ...

Time to go home ... I wish I can stay longer ... actually I can but I did not apply for longer leave heeh ... stupiak ... but ok lah I had fun spending time with my siblings

Tapping on super fast wifi ...

til the next trip ... =p Apr looks good!

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