Thursday, September 26, 2013

Berries Parfait

1 cake (can be store bought or bake.  Mine was Chocolate Moist Cake - Betty Crocker)
Some berries (of your choice)
Whipped Cream (I did my own whipping cream)


Slice cake into 1 inch slices, and cut circles to fit jars. Alternately you could cut the cake into cubes.
Starting with a layer of cake on the bottom, follow with blueberries, whipped cream, raspberries, and top with another layer of cake.
Garnish with more whipped cream and berries if desired.

Ingredients (Whipped cream):
1 cup heavy cream (not ultra-pasteurized)
3 tablespoons sugar (granulated or confectioners')
1 teaspoon pure vanilla extract
Add heavy cream, sugar and vanilla to a bowl.
Whip cream using a whisk or an electric mixer on medium speed.
When you can form soft peaks (meaning the peaks bend over at the top when you remove the whisk or beater), the whipped cream is done. Be careful not to over beat or the cream will become grainy as butter granules start to form. 

Idea taken from : Joyofbaking

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