Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Sleepover - Games - Movie Marathon

Over the  weekends we had sleep-over session with some friends ... Played Jenga ... Uno ... watched movies ... and lots of food from peanuts to chocolates ... popcorns and ice-creams!

I baked Cheesy Mish-Mash for the 2nd time.

Fried Wedges
Cooked Minced Meat
Pan-fried Turkey Bacon
Pizza Plus Cheese

Deep fry wedges / Cook Minced Meat / Pan fry Bacon and cut into bite size.
Mix everything season with salt and pepper and a tsp of oregano.
Put in a grease proof pyrex dish and cover it with mixture of cheese.
Bake it for 15 to 20mins once the cheese melted and golden brown.

A super long Jenga session ... 32 stories high ... on a lazy susan ... 

They bought me Dr Marten, Mary Jane's Shoe!!! for my birthday.... I love it.

Morning Breakfast we had Nasi Lemak... (Smell bunch lol)

Ingredients (My mom's version)
Coconut Milk
Ginger (bashed)
Lemongrass (bashed)
Pandan leaves (a knot)

Wash the rice properly.  Add all the ingredient mix well.

Sambal Tumis
Blended Dried Chili
Belacan (toasted and grind)
Blended Garlic 
Blended Onion
Asam juice
Oil for frying

Ikan Bilis

Heat oil, fry chili, onion, garlic and belachan (low heat for 30 - 45mins) with constant stirring. 
Add asam juice cook it for 5 to 10mins.  
Add Sugar.  Let it boil for a while and off.
Add the item of ur choice (ikan bilis, prawn, egg, peanuts, fishballs) or u can choose to leave it empty.

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