Monday, April 25, 2011

A Monday Housewife

I've been taking Monday off to clear my time off.  So come Monday I cook, I clean and do laundry ....
I'm too lazy to go NTUC hee hee cos I woke up almost 10am ... so whatever in the fridge.

Chicken Rice
rice (2 part rice : 3 part water or chicken stock)
chicken skin
pandan leaf
** galic and ginger blended
** lemongrass bashed
** tie a knot for the pandan leaf
  • saute blended garlic, blended ginger and chicken skin till aromatic
  • pour water or chicken stock in the rice cooker
  • add the bashed lemongrass and a knot of pandan leaf
  • once simmer add in the sauted mix and put in the rice and mix well
  • leave it to cook.
  • once the rice is cook, can shape it into balls or just serve like dat

Black Pepper Chicken
chicken fillet marinate in soy sauce (1tbsp soy sauce)
minced garlic
minced ginger
sliced onion
blended dried chili
sliced fresh chili
black pepper 
2tbsp soy sauce

  • heat up oil, add garlic, ginger, onion and chili
  • once soft ... add blended dried chili cook well
  • season it with salt and black pepper
  • mix well and add soy sauce
  • add in the chicken
  • mix and cook well ... 10 to 15mins ... stir abit in between ... =D

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