Saturday, December 11, 2010

3rd Anniversary 2010

It was our 3rd Anniversary, and we decided to stuffed ourselves with food ... pigging go crazy in KL ... tsk ... tsk... tsk...

021210 - Lunch we had Pepper Lunch

021210 - Forgotten wat we had for dinner but we brought back to hotel lots of bread and donuts

031210 - Before Breakfast

031210 - Breakfast @ Food Republic, Pavilion - Nasi Lemak

031210 - Lunch @ Chilis, KLCC
Spicy Buffalo Drumettes

Chili Cheese Fries

Small Bites

Sweet Honey Cajun Chicken

031210 - we skipped dinner. supper from Starbucks


041210 - Breakfast @ Loaf, Pavilion
Caramel Latte

The Wild Thing

Southern Cajun Chicken

Country Chunky Chicken



Tea break @ Berjaya Time Square, Krispy Kreme

another break @ Lot 10, Jackie Chan's Cafe
English Breakfast Tea

something to munch before the movie, some pastries @ Loaf

I cant remember wen i had this hahahah ... anyway its from Food Republic, Pavilion - Mee Hoon Tom Yum

Food Republic, Pavilion - Penang Rojak

Dinner - we ordered room service

Mee Teow Goreng

Nasi Goreng Kampong

051210 - Breakfast @ Carls Jnr

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