Sunday, May 2, 2010

Tomyum Fried Rice

*Photos has been deleted

My hubby loves spicy food ... I try to copy my SIL cooking ... cos he loooooooooooooves her cooking cos its super hot ... hot ... hot...

My cannot make it Tomyum Fried rice ... hee hee ... cos its not spicy at all ... i also add a teasppon of spicy dried shrimp from Thailand. My auntie gave it to me last nite ... aiyah it din work leh ...
cook rice
crab meat
lime leave
onion (sliced)
chili padi (sliced)
dried chili (blended)
tom yum paste
fish sauce
Saute sliced onion and chili padi. Once soft add in blended chili and tom yum paste.
Add lime leave, fish sauce. Mix well
add in all the meat ... after dat the rice ... Mix well ...
done. =)

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