Friday, May 14, 2010

Mother's Day Suprise!!

*Photos has been deleted

Not too long ago. Last sat 8th May 2010, I cooked for ibu on Mother's Day.
Kerabu Sotong from Magazine RASA (from Terengganu)
Seafood Platter (the sauce i took from this web but i added chopped onion and parsley)
all these recipes are my first time eh ... so if it doesnt look the way it should, there's always room for improvement...

It looks abit ugly but ibu says its o'rite ... taste wise ... nice ... texture wise ... need more practise
hee hee .... i forget to peep ... by the time i look at it the yellow part almost browning hahhhaa

hee hee ... macam maner put ... its made with love ... from me to ibu!!!

ah ok this rice is an experiment hee hee
i made 2 batch of the garlic and lemon sauce... 1st batch i put together with the rice and 2 cups of chicken stock.
the 2nd batch ... I just pour over on the seafood itself.
prawns season with salt and pepper panfry with abit of olive oil
calamari is better cos it came coated with batter but i bought Sotong ring cos calamari out of stock hahahah ....
dory fillet fish ... actually ... be creative lar ... u can put watever seafood u wan otey...

ok the sauce
diced/chopped onion
roasted and chopped garlic (roast garlic will add the kick to the flavour)
lemon zest (no need the juice ... but if u wan to put can oso lar)
*salt (if ur butter is salted pls do not put in salt ... it will be too much)
100gm sotong
30mg sliced onion
20gm sliced spring onion

20gm sliced corriander leaves
1 sliced lemon grass
30ml lime
sugar to taste

Method: clean, cut and boil the sotong... dry it and put it in the fridge
Mix all the ingredient and the sotong well
serve as a cold salad

** I followed some of the stuff in the recipe but not all ... for me, i chopped fine all the ingredients
i din put sugar and the taste was just as great hee hee ... my mom's not complaining hee hee... its a very lite and refreshing dish and simple too ...

rice was ok abit salty hee hee but oklar ... point to note ... maybe have some soup to go with it cos ... erm the meal was quite dry lar ...
cake can be inprove thou it was edible ... but if u look at Kak Rima's cake fuuuuh mouth watering ... i've insert the link begining of the blog. She inspires me to bake ... I've list down wat i wanna try but tu lar baru try satu ... nvm ... i'll find time to try the rest ...


Rima said...

For a first timer u did a gd job dear.. Tak nampak sticky pun.. Keep on baking n u will be able to bake just abt anything..


ilah manaf said...

ouh i mean the brownie mix before bake its suppose to be ... macam thick batter consistancy kan? but its not ... its like erm ... sticky dough gitu
so my mom conclusion : maybe butter belom soft or the egg is too small. hee hee