Wednesday, August 14, 2013

1Qtr - Long over-due Post

So ...
Jan 13 - Penang
Feb 13 - Batam

and it did not stopped there. hee hee ... 

Mar 13 - Tioman & Melacca

Tioman was great. rindu air terjun, iced jagung and sea turtles.

Melacca was a family trip. It was a holiday and traffic jam left, right, front & back. Some of the photos taken with LCA+.  Quite dark as we reached there almost evening.

Apr 13 - KL aku datang!!!

 I can go KL every month and I won't get tired of it.  I just LOVE KL! .... LOVE ok.
This time round we stayed at Premiera Hotel walking distance to Majid India.  All in all ... I had a good 1st Qtr if the yr heehee ...

next .... Insya-Allah end-Aug.

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